Being A Restaurant Chef – What Should You Know?

Being a modern restaurant chef in today’s world is no easy job, but it is indeed a bustling industry. The internet has also added a lot of glamor to the job. From 5 star chefs to YouTube celebrity chefs, the world of culinary skills is indeed vast and highly professional.

So, you maybe considering a career as a professional chef, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

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You need to be physically fit

You may think that it is more of a mental and skilful task, and while you do need the skills, it is an extremely job. You will be standing for at least 6-8 hours, moving between stations, and handling heavy materials. So, make sure that you are physically fit if you want to become a professional chef. This also means that you won’t be able to perform at full capability even if you are having any minor health problems.

No weekend policy

Being a restaurant chef means that your weekends will be the busiest time of the week. So, expect your social life to go down quite a bit. This does not work well with most people who enter the industry unknowingly and are then set restrictions upon. So, make sure that you take up the job as a chef with this particular requirement in mind. But on the other hand, you will definitely get a weekday off so you will have to schedule your life accordingly.

Formal education is required

You may know some secret recipes and you may also be good at the kitchen, but if you truly want to make it big in the industry you will need to enlist yourself in formal cooking classes and get a degree. Most professional chefs conduct classes and that is indeed for a reason. You always have the option to start as a part time chef at a small restaurant and also take up courses at the same time. This will allow you to get industry experience while you also get the necessary degree.

You will need to enlist yourself in formal cooking classes and get a degree

Don’t expect a huge starting salary

It takes time to make it in this industry. You will probably start off with an hourly wage and have to work a few extra shifts every month to make ends meet. However, once you have gained some professional kitchen experience you have the potential to get hired in a big restaurant where you can climb up the ladder.

It’s a creative job

Being a chef involves a lot of creativity and thus requires hands on experience. Your food may taste great but that is not nearly enough. Each restaurant has an individual business persona which is largely depicted in the way they serve their food. You will need to tune your culinary skills to match your workplace requirements accordingly.

Being a chef involves a lot of creativity and thus requires hands on experience

Being a professional chef is as hard as any corporate job and it should be treated with no less importance. So, keep this factors in mind and prepare yourself in a manner such that you will face less hardships along the way to becoming a famed chef.