How To Make People Revisit Your Restaurant?

Gaining loyal customers is the top-most priority for all restaurant owners. Having a recall value is likely to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Whether you are well established or brand new to this industry, the severity of the strategy remains the same. If you are having a tough time getting visitors back to your cafe, here are some tips to get you started.


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1.    Social Media Presence

Everyone is aware of the importance of social media marketing today. A great and updated social media presence can go a long way in attracting customers. You can ask the visitors to check out your page, include a flyer in the bill check or put up pamphlets on each table along with the specials.

great and updated social media presence can go a long way in attracting customers.

Another great idea is asking the customers through advertisements to upload their pictures while tagging the restaurant and getting a discount on their next visit! This is likely to work faster than mouth to mouth publicity. Also, consider hiring someone for handling and constantly updating your page.

2.    Membership

You might be aware of the fact that many hotels offer annual membership programs. Similarly, restaurants can also offer the same at a reasonable price that gives the customers a booklet with coupons like 5-20% discounts, buy 1 get 1 free on starters or beverages, and complimentary desserts on reaching a certain bill amount. Only one coupon can be used at one time and such other terms and conditions can apply.

This also acts as a loyalty program. Also, when one is supposed to pick a restaurant, they are likely to pick yours because they will get discounts and privileges not offered by others.

3.    Mailing List

If the customers are all-right with it, then try to get their contact information. This will help you send them messages on the latest offers, theme buffets, etc. Adding customers to your official mailing list is also an achievement since this ensures every step taken by you to increase sales and drive new customers to your restaurants is reaching your loyal customers as well.

One needs to make sure that emails are not too repetitive as they can easily annoy the receivers. They should essentially contain attractive visuals and helpful information apart from the coupons.

4.    Consistency

If your customers liked your food, they are likely to return. But only if they find the taste consistent every time they visit, they are sure to make the restaurant one of their ‘regulars’. The chef shouldn’t keep changing, the menu/cuisines should be consistent, and service should be humble as always. If a certain dish savored the customers’ taste buds, it is likely to make them want to come back for it.

5.    Service & Feedback

It goes without saying that the service of every restaurant should be top notch. Customers should meet smiling, humble, and helpful waiters and managers. If there’s an issue, the owner should make it their priority to fix it for the visitors. A feedback form also helps one improve their service and food. Additionally, it makes the reviewer feel important, think about each aspect of their dining experience, and increases the chances of their revisit!

Customers should meet smiling, humble, and helpful waiters and managers.

You can access a sample restaurant feedback form here to help you improve customer satisfaction and maximize the chances for developing loyal customers!