Tips for a chef

From the last 20 years, food science is becoming a proper part of our culture. Now, chefs don’t have to hide themselves behind the closed door of kitchen but now they are serving the food as main attraction of the restaurants. Everything is changed for the professional chefs now; they are honored by the people now. Being a chef is a wonderful thing now and they don’t have to hide themselves from people. In fact, now in the menu cards of restaurants there are some dishes under a category named “Chef’s Recommended”. You can order a chef’s recommended dish to taste the specialty of a chef in the restaurant.

Public’s interest in food is growing day by day that has created a number of opportunities for professional chefs. Now being a chef is something that is honored by the customers and they really appreciate the taste and creativity of a chef.

Here are some tips for wannabe chefs that are adopted by professional chefs:

Be Creative

Creativity is something that can win the heart and mood of any customer. Be more creative with the presentation of food. Present the food on the table to a customer in a way that attracts the heart of a customer. Not only cooking and preparing the food is necessary but presenting the food in a more creative way can insist your customer to visit you again and again. Creativity is an important in almost every profession.

Be ambitious, but patient

Routine of a chef is tough; it’s different from something you watch on your TV screens. A chef has to stand on his feet from 10 to 12 hours in a day. Working in the restaurant requires more hard work and passion for your job. Cooking is art and its fun to cook something but working in a kitchen can be tough. You have to stand there for a longer time with aching feet and holding a knife can bring pain to your hands. Don’t forget that you a part of a unique community and you are doing something that millions of people can’t do. Be patient and work harder in kitchen to let people know about you and your talent.

Learn to Work Faster

Being a chef is not that much easy, working harder and faster in the kitchen is something that each chef should need to learn. You need to learn how to work faster and better in the kitchen. Working faster in the kitchen will help you to complete a given task before time and your customer don’t have to wait much for their order. So, working faster and better in the kitchen is necessary for a chef’s job.

Respect everyone

There are different people who are working in the kitchen with you; you need to give respect to them all. Say hello to all of them before starting your work in the kitchen. Give respect to all the other staff in the kitchen. One thing you need to know is that a dishwasher who is working in the kitchen knows more about the kitchen than any of new line cook in the kitchen because he’s working in the same kitchen from a longer time than any of the new chef. So, respect everyone in kitchen is necessary to be a part of this wonderful community.