Turning the Anxiety of Driving School on Its Head

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A Fake Driving School in Reverse

Many people are not going to think of driving school as being very erotic. While people might tend to associate their college and graduate school years as being hot, if applicable, driving school does not tend to bring back memories like that. A lot of people will just think of driving school as being the sort of frustrating chore that they need to get out of the way in order to really move on with their driving lives. As such, the idea of an erotica website that centers on driving school is unusual.

However, the concept works much better than a lot of people would think, to the point where some people are going to be asking themselves why no one ever thought of it previously. Driving school itself might not be the most erotic experience in the world. However, the Fake Driving School has very little to do with driving school, just like porn videos involving pizza delivery guys have very little to do with pizza delivery at the end of the day.

Fears Become Fetishes

One of the most interesting parts of eroticism has always been the fact that a lot of people fantasize about the things that they fear. Almost any experience that a lot of people tend to associate with fear is often made erotic to some. People do this in order to cope with a lot of frightening images at times. However, this also happens because fear is a strong emotion and it mixes well with the powerful emotions associated with eroticism.

A Fake Driving School will have a way of stimulating people’s fears and everything else on a lot of different levels. For one thing, people who are having sex in a car publicly are going to be worried about getting caught the entire time, which is the sort of thing that some people will find arousing. There is also a strong ethical taboo associated with teacher and student relationships, and this will be on display in almost every single Fake Driving School video.

Many of the Fake Driving school videos specifically feature the students being punished by the teachers as well. Lots of people have negative childhood memories connected with being punished, but they bring those memories into adulthood and they might end up turning things like spanking sessions into fetishes. Being disciplined by a teacher in real life is something that a lot of people don’t want. However, it certainly adds spice to a lot of their sexual fantasies. The Fake Driving School offers very spicy sexual fantasies.

The Fake Driving School Today

The Fake Driving School porn website is not going to appeal to everyone. However, this is the case for all erotica. Not everyone is going to be able to get something out of all fetishes. However, there are lots of fetishes on display at the Fake Driving School. As such, there are plenty of people who will really get a lot out of it.

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