What Are Duties of a Chef:

A chef is a person who manages the culinary staff and wears many distinctive caps regard to what goes ahead in their working area. Much of the time a chef will instruct the staff, put orders for culinary things and direct the general planning of the food which is served in the meals. Time to time, the chef will wear the cook’s garment and set up the dinners too.

Following are the duties of a chef:

  1. Decide the pattern to present food, and display food with eye-catching decor.
  2. Determine schedules of production and requirements of staff important to guarantee timely delivery of food.
  3. Estimate the amount and expenses of required supplies, for example, ingredients and food.
  4. Inspect work areas, equipment, and supplies to guarantee conformance to built up to standards.
  5. Cooks are instructed along with other workers to prepare, cook, garnish and for food presentation.
  6. Employees should follow regulations and standards to ensure hygienic sanitation and safe food.
  7. Order or demand different supplies and food expected to guarantee effective operation.
  8. Hire and recruit staff members, including cooks and other kitchen specialists.
  9. Analyze the recipes to get an estimate of menu item prices, which is based on labor, food, and other overhead expenses.
  10. Meet with clients to have a conservation about menus for exceptional events, such as parties, wedding, and banquets.
  11. Have a meeting with sales agents and keeping in mind the basic goal to arrange order supplies and costs.
  12. Can prepare and cook all types of food, either for some specials guests, on regular basis or for some functions.
  13. Coordinate and supervise the cook’s activities and some specialists busy in the preparation of food.
  14. They must communicate other personnel to create and plan menus and new recipes, by considering such components which are only available in specific season and the availability of clients.
  15. Always check the nature of cooked and raw food items to guarantee the specific food standards.
  16. Check the nature and amount of the products received.
  17. Demonstrate advanced cooking equipment and procedures to his staff.
  18. Record operational and other production information on specific forms.
  19. Coordinate planning, budgeting, and purchasing of foods within some establishments, such as hotels, clubs, or to chains of restaurants.
  20. Supervise, direct and plan the preparation of food and cooking exercises of different kitchens or restaurants during establishments, for example, hotels, clubs, or to chains of restaurants.


A career of a chef can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. This individual not just gets the opportunity to do what they adore, which is work with food and delicacies, however, they likewise can work on the supervisory role. Their day will be loaded with a variety of works ranging from deciding the menu and checking the workers at the same time. The part of a chef is exciting and many people are showing interest in it.